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Over View Of What Is Inspected


Kitchen Items:

Sinks and associated plumbing fixtures, garbage disposal, cook-top ranges and exhaust hoods, gas (Carbon Monoxide levels included) and electric ovens, dishwasher, all cabinetry and drawers, counter tops, trash compactor, microwaves, etc...


Heated Interior Living Areas:

Ceilings and plaster, sheet rock walls, wood paneling, carpeting, laminate flooring, linoleum, ceramic tile, hardwood, baseboards, moldings, interior doors and hardware, windows, fireplace, chimney, staircases, closets, etc...


Electrical Items:

Breakers and fuses in the panel box, all accessible wiring, each outlet inside and outside of the home, light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches, G.F.C.I. protection, smoke detectors, door bell, exterior lighting, dryer outlets, etc...


Heating And Cooling Systems:

Gas furnace & electric heat pump, A.C. units, return filters, condensation removal, ductwork and ductwork insulation, furnace ventilation, thermostats and controls, digital temperature readings taken at vents, etc...



All sinks, plumbing, faucets, stoppers, caulking, counter tops, cabinetry, showers, tubs, whirlpools, toilets, exhaust fans, heat lamps, waste vents, etc...


Main Plumbing Systems:

Water supply, sanitary sewer, water pressure, hose bibs, washing machine supply, water heater, septic tank, etc...



Ceilings, walls, flooring, garage doors, garage door openers, storage room, etc...


Structural & Foundation Systems:

Crawlspace, ventilation, concrete slab, basement, sub-flooring, floor joists, sills & sill plates, moisture, settlement, wood deteriorating fungi & pests, floor jacks, etc...


Roof & Attic Systems:

Shingles, tiles, flashing, ventilation, gutters, attic insulation, electrical, rafters, decking, moisture, clips & straps, patches or repairs, etc...


Exterior Of Structure:

Brick veneer, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, siding, trim, fascia boards, soffit, exterior doors, weather stripping, receptacles, light fixtures, porches, decking, columns, etc...


Property Grounds:

Yard grading & drainage, driveways, sidewalks, exterior stairs, retaining walls, sprinkler system, fencing, drainage structures, etc.



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